Bachelor of Buisness Administration

Management studies allow a learner to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume management positions in a wide range of organizations. This discipline provides students with a solid foundation in developing a deeper knowledge in specific areas of interest.  It equips the learner to understand how organizations work, how they are managed, & how they interact with local, national & international   environments.

It equips with port polio of transferable skills, which employers in all the sectors look for. It includes from general skills such as being well organized & having effective communication skill, but aptitudes specific to studying Management. Such as business acumen, problem solving, global thinking, innovation, market research etc.

A degree in Bachelors of Business Administration, prepare students to manage companies/organizations by getting subject knowledge such as marketing, human resources, production operations, capital markets etc.              

It provides fundamental education in business & management principles that can prepare students successfully work with any small & large organization.

We emphasize on the development of communications, quantitative reasoning & business analysis skills. It helps to understand the role of economics in the world market place & acquire an awareness of global business issues.

Students learn decision- making



 Bachelors of Business Administration, provide a degree course with industrial exposure. Here, Students groove themselves not only as learners but also as impressive personal through communication skills. 

“With a heritage of 26 years, St. Andrews has a distinguish tradition of preparing business leaders & Entrepreneurs who can deliver in the rapid changing digital world of today.”

Industry based mentorship programs consistently add to the knowledge of the students to compete  & grab the opportunities, which comes to them. These programs help the students to think & decide about the various industry perspectives.


DURATION: 3 years (6 semesters)


Job Avenue


1.     Sales executive

2.     Product development manager

3.     Junior/ senior manager

4.     HR manager

5.     Marketing executive

6.     Business development associate

7.     Business Analyst/ consultant

8.     Project manager




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