Bachelor in Computer Application

Computer application is a discipline that spans theory and practice. It requires thinking both in abstract terms and in concrete terms. Mathematicians, scientists and engineers practice it. Computer science is the engine of the digital revolution, contributing to the emergence of entirely new industries and dramatic changes in quality of life.

The work of a computer graduate falls into three categories:

  • Designing and building software
  • Developing effective ways to solve computing problems
  • Planning and managing organizational technology infrastructure.

 Bachelor in computer application provides ample opportunities for an individual to work as a computer professional. It is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information. The students can creatively solve problems using computational techniques. It offers a foundation that permits graduates to adapt new technologies and ideas. They are witnessed with rapid evolution and expansion. The field imparts understanding of the interplay between theory & practice and essential links between them. The knowledge is applied in the fields of artificial intelligence computer networking and communication.


Duration: 3 years (6 Semesters)



Blending practical knowledge with theoretical aspects improve the outcome of a person. This is achieved by garnishing the knowledge of a student with techniques and skills. A lot of practical exposure and hard driven projects sharpen the software cones of a student mind.


Career Options after BCA

·       Chief Information Officer

·       Computer Programmer

·       Computer Scientist

·       Computer Support Service Specialist

·       Computer Systems Analyst

·       Database Administrator

·       Information Systems Manager

·       Software Developer

·       Software Publisher

·       Systems Administrator

·       Teacher & lecturer



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