Securing a seat in Mechanical Engineering course

Getting entry to an engineering course in an engineering college without taking the entrance tests or any other qualifying tests is called direct admission. This is, in other words called the Management quota. Only a small percentage of the total seats are available for direct admission. The Private Engineering colleges allot seats in this manner.

Direct admission in Mechanical Engineering Course is very difficult as the management quota by itself, is very limited and in an engineering college, which has a minimum of at least six major branches such as Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, computer science/information technology, Electrical Engineering and electronics, the Management quota is likely to be divided among these branches and therefore, the management Quota for Mechanical Engineering is likely to be very less. But, BTech Mechanical engineering as good as a B.E Mechanical engineering if it is from one of the leading and reputed institutions like the St Andrews Institute of Technology and Management (SAITM, Gurgaon)

Why should you study Mechanical Engineering?

A table from a study which tabulated, what do graduates do? Shows, that 81% of Mechanical engineers were placed in a job within 6 months after graduation. Since Mechanical engineering deals with the basics of creating mechanical devices that can be put to use every day, the scope of this field is wide. The average salary of Mechanical engineers is also high. The Mechanical engineering course will help you gain knowledge in different fields such as computer applications, electricity, mathematics, physics and even social and economic factors. That is why this is an important field in engineering and getting Direct admission in Mechanical engineering is like getting a passport to a better future.

Who can apply for Mechanical Engineering Courses?

Though entry requirements vary from institute to institute, Students, who wish to apply for Mechanical engineering degrees should have a strong academic background in Maths and physics. Admissions are based on the JEE scores. JEE is a common entrance test that the students who complete +2 take. They will be called for counselling and they will be allotted seats depending on their marks.

When should you go in for direct admissions?

You could opt for direct admission in Mechanical engineering due to one or a number of these reasons.
● You have not taken up the JEE tests. You have only your +2 marks to show.
● Your scores are low in the JEE and you will not be able to secure admission in the institute you want in the counselling.
● You are not able to get admission into the branch you want, though you get admission into the institution you want, in the counselling.
● You do not relocate for the sake of your studies
● You want to study only at that particular institution, because you are impressed with the facilities and the placement records of the institution.
● You are not able to get admissions to B.E course

However, you must understand that if you obtain direct admission in Mechanical engineering or for that matter any other branch as well, the course fee will be higher than the fee that will be paid by the students who get seats through counselling.