SAITM: Ultimate Destination For Education

Mechanical engineering is one of the diverse branch of engineering which deals with principles, physics and materials related to design, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. The developments in this field include composites, mechatronics, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, metallurgical engineering, etc.

In India, to be a mechanical engineer, one must possess an engineering degree of B. tech. or B.E. or have a diploma in engineering. This is generally attained after 4 years of training and hard work in various institutes providing apt knowledge and practical exposure to Mechanical engineering. One of such good mechanical engineering college is St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management. This institute is approved by All India Council of Technical Education and affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University or Rohtak University.

Admission to this college is through SAITM entrance scores or IIT- JEE scores followed by counselling. The faculty of St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management, a good mechanical engineering college in India is experienced staff and is accomplished to groom students as future leaders and entrepreneurs. Department of Mechanical Engineering concentrates on widespread and thorough knowledge of elementary concepts of engineering not only as textbook learning but hands on experience of projecting thoughts by making projects which stimulate theory. They perform projects like solar panels, manual robots, optical illusions, flexible displays, etc. The faculty is available 24/7 throughout the day and make a friendly environment for interaction with students without any hesitation by solving their queries not only in class but also after office hours. The faculty is well updated and informed about ongoing technological advancements.

Other facilities included are:-

  • Peaceful lush greens surrounding study classrooms and labs for refreshing environment to study.
  • Centrally air conditioned, well ventilated classrooms and symposium areas.
  • Technically advanced, well maintained laboratories with proper functioning equipment
  • Spacious and large digital library
  • Language Library
  • High Capacity Wi-Fi / Internet facility
  • Different room for placement counselling and grooming
  • Excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
  • Central computer centre
  • Job oriented training and merit scholarships given
  • Hostel accommodation for students along with Cafeteria and retail shops.

The passionate engineering students who discover the need for additional specialization or wish to pursue a career in specific area go for masters in Mechanical Engineering. It takes 2 more years after completing bachelor’s degree, one can choose an area where he or she intends to gain expertise. Doing a post-graduation in mechanical engineering also helps to seek better jobs in markets .Some students who intend to go in research field pursue PHD in very specific areas which can help them gain knowledge at a very detailed level. This helps them in their thesis and research work. St. Andrews Institute lays the foundation for a visionary mechanical engineer.

The strategic training methods for proper all round development of personality with defined skill sets and a curiosity of learning more makes students of St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management different from others and SAITM to be one of the good mechanical engineering college in 2017 updated with all technological advancement.