These Information technology engineering institutes focuses on integrating scientific training with value based education, to enable the all round development of the learners. Industrial activity is on the rise in and neighboring districts. There is a growing demand for technical work force in the region, especially in areas like Electronics and Information Technology. It is projected that more IT Companies may choose as like “St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management” or “SAITM” as a base for their expansion in the near future. Extracurricular activities- Students participate in yoga contest, debate and quiz contest and cultural inter college activities. To compete with the fast advancing demands of education these days, the institute has ensured state-of-the-art laboratories with high-end equipment and the latest software. The campus offers hostel facilities, along with a cafeteria, an auditorium, a library, a sports complex, and transport facilities.

Some extra offers with these IT opportunities:-

The IT students studying at these Information technology Engineering schools are not just going to get a chance to build their education in IT sector, but are also going to get associated with different curricular activities like that of Yoga sessions and pranyam every morning, elocutions and technical talks, cultural club participations, language clubs as well as sports. These educational institutes are going to provide with a complete education as well as extra efforts on curricular interests.

Head strong confidence the institute stands to strive for achieving best of academic excellence in engineering and technology. For this they have been providing students with a globally competitive environment.

Facilities –

For students the institute has been providing with separate hostels and with excellent food. Library, sports centers, internet facilities and many more. There are separate and spacious rooms for both south and north Indian students. Warden is allotted to serve 24 x7 in all hostels for safety and security purposes.

Campus drive –

Encouraging students for innovative ideas and providing a value based education through an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated faculty. Incubating with a culture of integrity, self reliance, leadership and community responsibility as well as promoting with industry- institute interaction through successful collaboration with the leading industries.

Eligibility for admission:-

To get set your future in Information technology, you have to select the best college for admission. But before that it is necessary that you set yourself prepared for national entrance tests or common entrance tests which would help you get qualified for admission to various prestigious colleges.

When you are building your career as an IT engineer, you would be placed accordingly at various organizations which are related to different sectors. This is because information technology today is the foot point for all cores subjective. This is the only field which is going to help you improve faster in profession.  There are colleges which are going to provide with advanced IT education and for that reason, IT is an appreciable course with providing alight in the field of engineering education. For details about the course, you can get through websites of various colleges and institutes.