Information technology is the application of computers study, store, recover, broadcast, and operate data or information often in the framework of an enterprise. IT is regarded as a division of information and communication technology. IT engineers are engaged in different sectors to develop and install or troubleshoot technology and various software programs. IT engineers put their technical knowledge to solve various technological related challenges. They also work towards developing new technologies that also includes the network development and development of software program. For admission in IT, colleges must go through engineering entrance exam IIT-JEE that is conducted every year. India is home to many renowned IT colleges providing the best education in the field and offers reliable opportunities for a better future.

Here is a list of top 10 IT Colleges in India

  1. IIT Madras: IIT Madras is the leading IT College in India. Not only this IIT Madras ranked top on the list of top IT Colleges in India. IIT entrance exam is the toughest engineering entrance test in the country that is what makes the IIT college so important.
  2. IIT Kharagpur- Another IIT College that was at the top five of top 10 IT college is 2017 is IIT Kharagpur. IITs are known for the excellent education system and renowned faculty. For admissions in IIT, candidates must give an entrance exam of IIT-JEE.
  3. National Institute of Technology- next on the list of top 10 IT engineering college is National Institute of Technology. NIT aim at offering excellence in Information Technology education and research.
  4. VIT, Vellore- Vellore Institute of Technology is a renowned engineering college in India. For admissions, the candidates must go through an entrance exam known as VITEEE. The institute offers excellent education and research.
  5. Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat- The Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology is another leading IT College in India that offers global education with industrial training and relevant research output.
  6. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management, (SAITM) Gurgaon- In the list of top 10 IT engineering college in India next is SAITM. SAITM is one of the renowned IT colleges that is known for its resourceful education and research.
  7. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur- For admissions in Visvesvaraya National Institue of Technology, and the candidates must go through JEE Mains entrance examination. Another fact about the institute is that is a deemed university.
  8. College of Engineering, Pune: another leading IT College of Engineering in India is College of Pune. To get admission in this college, one must clear the entrance examination JEE Mains or Mah CET.
  9. Birla Institute of Technology- This institute is one of the top engineering institutes of the country. For admissions in Birla Institute of Technology, the candidates must go through the entrance examination referred as BITSAT.
  10. PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore- last on the list of the top engineering college in India is PSG College. For admission in this institute, the candidate must go through the entrance exam TNEA.