Industrial engineering is a field under engineering that deals with application of science, maths and engineering methodologies to perform complex system integration operations and functioning of these systems. As the systems that the industrial engineers deal with are of large scale and involve various complex processes during their functioning, they must have the skills and the knowledge of a wide number of disciplines. They must also know a way to work well with people and manage the work properly. These engineers use their skills and knowledge to improve the operation of systems through statistical analysis, communication with the people involved, designing, planning, controlling the quality, management of operations, simulation through computers and solving problems through them.

Industrial Engineering
It is the branch of engineering that evolved as a result of increase in the industrialization and growth of large scale manufacturing. Graduates of Industrial engineering play a vital role in the development and implementation of large scale complex systems through ideas and solutions for improved efficiency and proper functioning of the system.

Though BE Industrial engineering from a reputed institute is something that many students aspire for but, Industrial Engineering from the Top 5 industrial Engineering College in Delhi NCR, such as St. Andrew’s Institute of Technology and Management or SATIM, Maharaja Agrasen Engineering college, Maharaja Surajmal institute of technology, Amity University, has a great value as these institutes are resourceful and up to date and so they offer the skills that are needed to grow and achieve well in this field, which is an ever growing field itself due to the addition of newer methodologies for the system implementations as newer ones are being evolved.

As the manufacturing sector is an ever growing sector and is always in a need of newer and more efficient system implementations and the maintenance of these, a graduate degree in the field from the Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Haryana and Top 5 Engineering College in Gurgaon can be very beneficial.

Job Opportunities
Possessing a degree from the Top 5 Engineering College in Delhi NCR can be the first step towards building a career in Industrial Engineering. With a basic degree like this one can get a job in the various manufacturing sector companies, like bottling plants, assembly lines, chemical production system, and many other products manufacturing firm, private as well as government-funded. But there are opportunities in other industries like construction, mechanical parts development, architecture, etc., due to the versatility of the skills of an industrial engineer. Therefore, they employ a fair share of industrial engineers as well.

Schools & Degrees
Industrial engineering is a very huge field with a lot of scope in it, realising which the Top 5 Industrial Engineering College in Haryana and Top 5 Industrial Engineering in Gurgaon design courses in such a way that their program not only deals with the industrial engineering concepts in detail and also provide a scope for learning extra topics like computer science, economics, applied mathematics, while providing enough training opportunities in project management, which will be helpful for them and get them market ready.

Scope for further studies
Institutions in India offer Bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering as a major. B. Tech industrial engineering is as good as the B.E. After the completing the degree one can also do Master’s program in the specialization field of their choice. One can also proceed to get a doctorate or postdoctoral.
Most of the institutions admit students on the basis of their JEE Scores. So planning ahead and preparing for the main exams as well as the JEE to get admissions in a well-reputed institution to give a good start to one’s career.